Victoria Beckham Make Up Collection


Yes my favorite Celebrity and fashion icon Victoria Beckham.  Victoria has released a new make-up capsule collection in conjunction with Estee Lauder and has released a five-minute tutorial for Vogue’s YouTube.

Victoria appears in the video wearing oversized sunglasses and can be heard on the phone saying:

‘I will be there in five minutes, I’ve just got to quickly put some eyes on and do a lip and I will be there.’

She spoke to Vogue about her lifetime love of all things beauty – little wonder that she’s famously nicknamed Posh.

The mother-of-four revealed she has been hoarding make-up since she was 18 in small plastic boxes.

She said: ‘Tiny, tiny little worn-down samples, and little eye shadows I’d mixed myself,’ she said.

The site adds that the resulting fourteen-piece capsule collection was built around the different images that Beckham projects in four of the cities that resonate with her: London, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris.

She told them: ‘I’m a bit of a chameleon. I do change my look—not just my fashion—depending on where I am in the world and how I’m dressing.’