Uma Thurman’s Stalker Jack Jordan

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Uma Thurman said she felt “sick” and “completely freaked out” when she came face to face today with the former psychiatric patient accused of stalking and harassing her and her family for almost three years. People are sick, the bad side of being a celebrity you get the freak followers.
Uma Thurman arrived at today to testify against an alleged stalker accused of sending her a chilling note saying: “One day I’ll marry you.”
He also told Thurman’s parents that he would kill himself unless he could see her, tried to get into her trailer during the filming of My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and even turned up at her home in New York’s Greenwich Village between early 2005 and shortly before his arrest in October last year.
Jordan, 37, is said to have sent her a series of “creepy” notes and even a picture of a bride with her head ripped off.
The former mental patient, who is thought to have shown up on her film set once, apparently wrote her an e-mail to her “menaced” family warning: “I will kill myself if I do not get to see Uma Thurman within 24 to 48 hours.”
He told the star: “I fell in love with you. I think you should call me up, let me come and watch you act on set some more, we should date, move in together and then get married.”
Miss Thurman’s lawyer, Colleen Walsh, told a Manhattan jury: “Somebody has to tell the defendant: ‘Enough is enough.’The price of fame is not this high.”
But George Vomvolakis, defending, said in opening statements that “Creepy” Jordan “does not think the way you and I think.
“He doesn’t know the boundaries you and I know. He thinks it’s romantic
He told the jury that Jordan is an eccentric who fell in love with an unattainable beauty.

“Creepy? Yes. Obsessed? Yes. Criminal? No.” he said.

But Miss Thurman’s parents Robert and Nena Thurman told the court in New York that their two grandchildren were “menaced” by Jordan, who he and the Pulp Fiction start were “predestined” to fall in love.
Dr Thurman, a professor at the city’s Columbia University, said he received several worrying emails throughout 2005 from Jordan, claiming his daughter’s children from her marriage to Ethan Hawke — Maya, nine, and Levon, six — did not exist.
He said Jordan was a “menacing presence in the minds of the children” and added: “It still is.”
After one email in which Jordan said he had fallen in love with Thurman, her father said: “This was an air raid siren in my head.”

‘Stalker’: Jack Jordan outside court in New YorkAsked how his daughter felt about the emails, he said: “She was upset and always feared for her children. She’s a real heavy duty mom. Whenever someone shows up physically, it always makes her defensive about her children, more than about herself.”

Dr Thurman said: “I felt frightened for Uma. These people think they own her image and think they can say what they want, do what they want and show up any time.” Dr Thurman read email extracts to the court.
On February 7, 2005, Jordan wrote: “I feel in love sometimes and at other times terrified, and test the razor’s edge on a ledge.”
In an email sent to Dr Thurman but addressed to the actress, Jordan saying: “I fell in love with you. When you said wiggle your big toe, I did. I’m such an idiot.” Jordan described a dream in which he walked off into the mountains.
He added: “I would simply quit eating food until I died or Uma found me.”
Nena Thurman said “He told me, in so many words, that he believed that he and my daughter had a predestined life, that they were meant to be together.
“I said to him in no uncertain terms that this was really a fantasy … and when I said that he switched to saying that, in that case, then there was no meaning to life for him so he would have to kill himself and probably very soon.”
Jordan rang the doorbell of Thurman’s Greenwich Village home twice a day for at least 10 days and tried to hand-deliver a letter to Thurman, 38, on the New York set of My Super Ex-Girlfriend.
Make-up artist Richard Dean told the court Jordan turned up outside her trailer in November 2005 and delivered an envelope.
It contained a child’s confirmation card which had amessage written inside it getting closer and closer to the card’s centre.
Thurman was distracted and visibly shaking after receiving the envelope, he said.
Jordan, who lives with his parents in Maryland, is on £5,000 bail. Source Daily Mail