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Ja Kel Daily Dot Com: Jason and Kelly bringing you the best of both worlds two Blogs one domain giving you Gossip, Technology and our Personal Life perspectives’!—–‘No Limitations Just You and Your Keyboard’ When my wife and I first started blogging we signed up for the free Blogger account and our address was which still works but recently Blogger allowed the use of your own domain address.

How is this possible by going to the DNS control panel of your domain manager you are able to setup a CNAMES (Aliases) record that points to the hosting of choice. So we then pointed our domain  to the Blogger free hosting and changed the settings in the Blogger control panel to point to our domain name.

Around a month after that is when I had decided to start my personal blog and I wanted to use the same domain so in order to do this I installed WordPress directly in the root directory giving me the address

The point to all this is we now have two blogs completely different too each other and drawing in people with interests in two entirely different subjects. Some like to read fashion/celebrity gossip and some read technical related stuff along with some added personal articles to allow people to get to know the editors of the blogs.

Still puzzled if so simple formula:  One Domain x Two Blogs = Double Blog Power for Ratings: Technorati(38,257), Alexa (2500% Change last 2 months) and all other systems out there. 

You can do this too if you have a Blogger account and you can also create other CNAMES (Aliases) records and install more WordPress blogs with-in your own hosting.  The reason I have not changed my wife’s blog over is because it is already too established with in blogger and it would be like starting over on Google ratings and indexes of it if I were to switch it over to WordPress and host it.

I do not recommend running two blogs to increase traffic and stats. You are better off working hard on one but if you are in a situation were you are married and both partners just happen to want the dedicated hobby of blogging then I would recommend running both blogs on one domain and setting up a CNAMES (Aliases) record for the second because then you are working together on the stats for one domain. 

Work smarter not harder (the moral of the story). 

14 thoughts on “Two Blogs One Domain Double Power

  1. Frank says:

    I have to say that the whole two blogs on one domain situation did indeed seem confusing at first. Some of the first posts that I read mentioned your wife’s blog but it seemed that you were linking to yourself. It took me a minute to realize the naming convention.

    It’s good in one way because of the juice you get from having the domain already established and it is a pretty unique situation that I really haven’t seen elsewhere but I would find it perhaps a bit of an issue for making a unique brand of either blog. It’s too symbiotic for my tastes.

  2. Jason Neuman says:

    Yes it may seem confusing at times but I only mention her site from time to time when explaining to blogger account users what can be done or examples of the layout. Then of course this article also but for the most part this blog is stand alone from hers.

    It’s not a concept that I am trying to have a focus on really just using it to our advantage and that’s about it. If it came right down to it and this blog was making the majority of the money then we would just re route the cname back to this blog and then all the links that are going there will transfer here anyway.

  3. Jason Neuman says:

    I am not sure if the stats only work for your domain with the www and withour or will work with as many cname records you set up. I have not personally attempted this, maybe you could search it on Google to find some subject matter on it. I never actually set out to do this to get an advantage out of it I justed wanted to use one domain name – about it.

    Just happened and when I noticed what it was doing it just made it that much better.

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