Top 10 Methods to Find New Readers

I know that I have been on the subject of increasing RSS & Readers the last few articles but I feel it is an important area of successful blogging. So today I figured that I would post one more article this week on my top 10 methods that I feel are the most valuable for getting your RSS & Reader increase on. Then I promise I will lay off the subject for while with the exception of responding to comments on the subject of course. 

  • You have to be persistence after you start your blog you can not just set back and expect traffic to just flow in because you are posting articles.
  • Write effective post titles (opening line) that cause your readers to feel need to read your entire post.
  • Quality content is an obvious and will help increase both traffic and commenting flow to your site.
  • Posting frequently but keep to a routine time schedule.  I post a minimum of one article a day six days a week Monday – Saturday.
  • My favorite getting links from other blogs both increases your readers and links to your site. – Technorati Score.
  • Submit to blog carnivals something I have not started yet but intend to very soon.  Google “blog carnivals” to find available sites.
  • Commenting on related blogs can be an extremely effective strategy since most blogs allow a signature link to your site and when commenting it entices the author to take a look at your site.  
  • Join forums that are related to the main topic of your blog. I have found that with most forums they allow signatures links and when readers of that forum like what you have to say more than likely they will end up visiting your site.
  • Never be afraid to be opinionated in your articles it is your blog and more than likely if your opinion is controversial the comments will start pouring in.
  • Yes, advertise take some of your earnings later on and start advertising on other blogs/websites that have a related interest to your site.

Those are my top ten effective methods of increasing your RSS & Readership that are working for me so far.  I know that there are many available methods out there that I did not list and if you have one that is working just comment and share it with everyone.

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Methods to Find New Readers

  1. digitalnomad says:

    I Like the point about being opinionated. I think many people (myself included) shy away from this most of the time.

    I sometimes post things people want to ignore related to freedoms, and am amazed how people want to keep their heads buried in the sand.

  2. Jason Neuman says:

    Yes I think that many people are affraid to express themselves some times in their articles but in fact it can do wonders for commenting and return vistors.

  3. Jon Lee says:

    I agree with the controversial comment. As long as it doesn’t cross the line, it can generate a lot of good discussion. And good discussion means a good community!

  4. digitalnomad says:

    Hey, here is another point. I always try to remember to subscribe to the post, so I can be updated via email.

    That way I can come back and see what comments have been added and post additional thoughts if it is appropriate.

    That’s how I ended back here…an email reminding me of updates to this post.

  5. Culture Shiok! says:

    I just started to ask my readers to subscribe.

    Since I started my blog, I have break the 15 reader mark,

    and it’s always fluctuating also, from 14 to 8 then back.

  6. Thomas says:

    Hello Jason, I have reviewed your post on my blog. Please check it out. Thanks for sharing your tips here. Thumbs up!

  7. Matt Robison says:

    I agree with being controversial. They are reading to get your opinion, after all.

    On posting frequency, are you extremely strict with yourself. No more, no less?

  8. ExiOST says:

    Yes , thank you, i have added your method, and now i have 83 reader of my blog, but its still little, may be you have more tricks for this?

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