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Ja Kel Daily Dot Com started exchanging reviews 1 March 2007 and yesterday reached the 100th review. Thanks to all that have made my review exchange a continued success! Ok, really simple I will do a short review exchange with anchor choice for the same in return – and you get the added benefit of gettting a backlink from a PR5 site!. 

Do A Review And Make Money

To do a review, all you have to do is link to this blog’s home page with the anchor text “make money” and link to this post showing the rules of the review. Here is an example of what I want:

Ja Kel Daily Dot Com eventually wants to make money and is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

  • My Inspirational Quotes – Famous Inspirational Quotesfor all ages a personal playground for this blogger, an experiment of hope and an attempt at learning how to make money on the internet.
  • Ja Kel Daily Dot Com ExperimentMake money online with Ja Kel Daily Dot Com Experiment for traffic increase.
  • Did You Smell ThatLearn To Make Money Online with David Ledoux a lifelong entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer and blogger. David has an impressive resume to include; best selling book The Road to Gold, popular training program A Dream Come True and he was featured in 2000 by MLM Insider Magazine.
  • Blogs’n’Bloggers – Michael (Misha) Degtyarev writes about other bloggers, interviews successful bloggers and case studies.
  • Lindkjolen– Olav asks: “Who else wants to build a career in network marketing? You deserve success just as much as the next person but sometimes your brain controls your success. Stay tuned into this blog to learn a few tips and tricks for network marketing success strategies!
  • Bfreedom – An affiliate marketer manager for Denver Fabrics cyber portion by day and miscellaneous rambler on topics such as; SEO and affiliate marketing.
  • Xanga – Karen a small business owner blogs about life and business. Learn 18 Things about her and a zillion Beanie Babies.
  • Business Opportunities And Ideas – John Crickett started his first net venture back in September 2001. Still alive and doing well on the net and now he’s blogging for Trivial Business Limited on inspiration, ideas/opportunities for your business in categories such as; home business, marketing, business ideas and entrepreneurship.
  • 1000000 Links – We don’t have a million links yet, but we’re working on it!    Just place our link on your site, click on it and you’ll get link back from 1000000 – Links instantly!
  • Squidoo – Make Money Online get a Squidoo page – Check out Ja Kel Daily’s Page Here!

The rules I will do a short review around 30 words with a link to your site with choice of anchor text choice. The batch will be posted starting with the first review and then updated until reaching the 10th review and then a new batch will be created. Then once a month for the next 6 months from February I will post one full review to the holder of the Top Commentators position. So let’s get started once your review is posted send an email my way with the URL and the text you want as an anchor to your page.

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  1. Jason Neuman says:

    Technorati is now at 22,000 but at the moment my site isn’t showing in the directory – able to check it with my user account. 0 Readers before and now hundreds / started the reviews a few weeks after I started the blog.

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