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Longer than usual since my last post I know, sorry in advance. I’ve been away in Germany for S+ (Security +) training for work. The class was basically a cram session to get me prepared for the CompTIA exam that I have to take within the next 30 days. The class was extremely boring however it did get me away from the office for a week.

Presently I have been absorbed in researching and learning all about PPC affiliate marketing. For those of you that are not familiar with pay per click affiliate marketing it is a web-based marketing via the use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN ads for which you pay for and in return the businesses compensates you after a purchase or related transaction has occurred from your marketing efforts. An excellent resource for history and a more indebt look can be located on wiki affiliate marketing.

There are several recommendations on books that you should read in order to become a super affiliate. I have decided and purchased “Marshall’s Definitely Guide to Adwords” from Amazon and I will comment later on my thoughts after I finish reading it.

A great quote that I found while reading superaffiliatemindset; “I’m doing what 99.9% of people are not willing to do, which why I will live like 99.9% can people only dream of living.”

Affiliate Networks
Recommended affiliate networks to join; Commission Junction, LinkShare, ClickBank, Performics, Neverblue, RocketProfit. I am currently using Neverblue for my PPC campaign but I have signed up for all of these networks at one point in time.

Affiliate Tools: Aaron Wall from has the best selection of tools that I’ve found in one location. Great Ad Tips: Googlelady provides great adwords insight on what ads work and do not work.

Search Engines
The top three search engines to run your PPC campaigns on are Google, Yahoo and MSN. I have chosen to open an account with Google which offers a $50 signup coupon and Yahoo that offers a $100 coupon after signup. After setting up my campaign I noticed that the bid competition for keywords is higher in Yahoo than in Google but supposedly from what I’ve read Yahoo has better ROI (return on investment).

PPC Expense
For my first experimental campaign I have decided to start out with $600 split between Google and Yahoo with the coupons my total expense came to $450. I have seen posted expenses on affiliate sites that range from $0 to $100,000 per month.

85 thoughts on “Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing

  1. Chris Stormer says:

    This article is definitely going to help all those persons like me who are in search of a part time job. This job would easily fetch our pockets with dollars.

  2. Reno Real Estate says:

    I have not used any advertising on any of my sites. With Google Adsense, I really did not want to have my competition on my pages. I think these tools are wonderful for sites/businesses designed for ad revenue at the start but I have seen some people make mistakes regarding competitors on page, etc.

    Nice summary post.

  3. Jason Neuman says:

    Update on my PPC Affiliate Marketing adventure:

    It’s seems that Yahoo’s CPC has a lot more competition for needed keywords. I also learned that AdWords does not allow campaigns to go to sites that have pop ups embedded.

    I’m in the process of taking this to the next level I’ve been developing my niche affiliate site over the past week and will have it up and running within the next week.

  4. David Williams says:

    The article may provide jobs to the people who are in search of part time jobs or to the house-wives who likes to do part time job. This site provides the sufficient information. But still one needs to know more about the affiliates and the work.

  5. Music Dictionary says:

    A timely update Jason. Thanks for that. It is by accident that I got your response, and I am sure that a lot of others would have missed your update. i look forward to a further detailed post.

  6. Free-hdtvs says:

    Good post! But agree with Music Dictionary; many people just aren’t really clued up about what’s going on, what things mean etc, I think people are still waiting for a simple guide which contains everything they need, in some sort of content they can understand.

  7. TFT Monitors says:

    Thanks for the post – interested in learning mre about how to make PPC work- I tend to just waste all my money on it without seeing much in the way of returns

  8. Patrick Burt says:

    I’m always afraid of straying away from AdSense and trying a new PPC… only to find out that it doesn’t pay well, and that the minimum payout is high..

  9. Jason Neuman says:

    Yes I’ve been really busy, I’ve had training in Germany for two weeks over A+ and S+ then I decided to try my hand in the PPC marketing world so I’ve been setting up my niche content site for it.

  10. PS3 says:

    I tried WidgetBuck on my sites for a while as an alternative to Adsense but didn’t find their ads targeted enough. Initially, they were also limited to products displayed in $’s (where as I work in £’s!)

  11. Dan says:

    These are some great resources. I have Marshall’s book as well and its really good, even if you just use it as a resource. Good luck!

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  13. Robert says:

    PPC is rough, by no means is eat easy cash like people like to make it seem. You can make some good money with it, good luck to all who try it.

  14. Emirhan says:

    As most of the people around said, it’s quite easy to end up tangled in some obscure promotion program. While most of the bloggers just starting out, just having earned a PR of 1 or 2, this may not seem much, some of them are just happy to be offered payment.

    Experience has shown that, the most obscure the business, the riskier it is. And sometimes, if they are blunt enough to annoy a person that found them via your blog, that is going to hurt you –after all, you’re voting for their produts, by choosing to promote them.

    I guess it’s like everything in life .. play safe, earn less, no adrenaline for you. Fair enough.

  15. John says:

    Just wondering what your success rates are so far? I have tried Adwords before and lost my rearend. How is Yahoo? Have you noticed much difference between the two?

  16. Wedding Photographers says:

    Seems like the most common piece of advice that I see is the fact that fear limits most people from accomplishing their PPC goals. You can’t be afraid of losing your shirt on a trial campaign — its part of the game!

  17. Secret Affiliate Code says:

    One thing to remember with a PPC campaign (particularly Adwords) is that you need to have a good quality landing page.

    Failing to do this can end up with you paying higher bid prices and making it more difficult to break even let alone profit.

    One way to test your landing page before spending money is to drive some free traffic there first using methods such as article marketing.

  18. Pontarae says:

    One should also be aware that your landing page ‘offer’ begins with the PPC ad. That is to say the text of your ad creates the context in which the click-er arrives on your page, and the way he will view it.

    I’ve just finished explaining this to my current client. He was lamenting the fact that everyone who called (from his campaign) was only concerned with one thing – the cheapest possible cost per lead.

    I reminded him that his PPC campaign ad featured “Cheap Leads”! With that thought in mind what would HE expect if he clicked on a link? What would be HIS first question?

    The Context that people arrive “from” on a PPC determines how they will interpret your Landing Page.

  19. Make money online tips says:

    I used Google adsense, Bidvertiser, Oxado & adbrite pay per click advertising programs. I find Google adsense highly effective in content based website and blogs. Apart from Google adsense, performance of all other pay per click programs was pathetic.

  20. Buy Dubai Property says:

    another way Click-through rate or CTR is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign. A CTR is obtained by dividing the number of users who clicked on an ad on a web page by the number of times the ad was delivered (impressions). For example, if your banner ad was delivered 100 times (impressions delivered) and one person clicked on it (clicks recorded), then the resulting CTR would be 1 percent.

    Banner ad click-through rates have fallen over time, often measuring significantly less than 1 percent. By selecting an appropriate advertising site with high affinity (e.g. a movie magazine for a movie advertisement), the same banner can achieve a substantially higher click-through rate. Personalized ads, unusual formats, and more obtrusive ads typically have higher click-through rates than standard banner ads.

    CTR is most commonly defined as number of clicks divided by number of impressions and generally not in terms of number of persons who clicked. This is an important difference because if one person clicks 10 times on the same advertisement instead of once then the CTR would increase in the earlier definition but would stay the same in term of latter definition.

  21. Singapore SEO says:

    Many forget that PPC is just generating clicks into a website. What many did not realize is the landing pages used in the campaign which leads to higher sales leads or affilate earnings.

  22. E.Umana says:

    I noticed you said you plan to start out with $600 split between Google and

    Yahoo but that it will come down to $450 due to coupons. Where do you get the coupons and will it work for established adwords accounts?

  23. kyrious says:

    all you said are really true the best way to make a living here in the web is to learn about ppc affiliate marketing,but you must first have the knowledge and the perseverance to succeed great info no wonder you have a high pr

  24. Web Copy says:

    Ahh.. been looking for good views about PPC Marketing, I found only a few helpful and free info such as this one.. Thanks for sharing us this info, Creating good landing pages is one of the biggest challenges that I’ve encountered… I don’t want to just create some junk pages ’cause I want to maximize my profits and finding good info like this really means a lot..

    Thanks a bunch, will also add this to our web copy resource list..


  25. Sofia Norton says:

    I don’t think that PPC is quite important to get a genuine traffic or generate a new leads. But maybe they can provide some impression that we need. Still I will consider to do a directories submission

  26. CSS Gallery says:

    I’m an affiliate marketer. I was finally able to quit my day job and work full time on my web ventures. PPC is the way to go, check out emailing, contextual and social media too, they are all great ways to make a buck.

  27. Instant Payday Formula says:

    How did you do with your campaigns? I tried PPC marketing for a few months and never seemed to be able to make more than I was spending. It became disheartening. (I have moved onto organic traffic, which seems to be working better for me.)

    I do know that there are a lot of people that make a ton of money doing it though…:)

  28. Website Design says:

    Good tips, PPC is something that will never be successful overnight, you need to spend a long time researching successful keywords that aren’t as competitive as others. A lot of trial and error is needed, set the budget small and test keywords, if they are successful then up the budget for that keyword to draw more exposure, if the keyword isn’t so successful then either delete it or modify it a little and test again.

  29. Web Design says:

    PPC is effective if it is implemented with strong strategies. Yes, it is true that one cannot become rich overnight. Affiliate marketing swiftly adds leads to a client’s account if PPC campaign is done with the key features enlisted by the author of this blog.

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