Johnny Depp Gone Crazy – Cut Off Tip Of Finger

Billy Bob Thornton has rejected claims he had an affair with Johnny Depp’s estranged wife, Amber Heard.  His words come after it emerged that Johnny, 53, allegedly cut off the tip of his finger during a fit of rage after accusing her of cheating.

He is then said to have taken his finger and dipped it in blue paint to write ‘STARRING,’ ‘Billy Bob, ‘ and ‘Easy Amber’ on the wall.

Moreover, Billy Bob told the site that he didn’t socialize with Amber off-set, other than at a cast dinner and denied they even had a friendship.

He also added that he and Johnny never spoke to one another and that he has assured his wife of two years Connie Angland that this is simply ‘Johnny’s fantasy.’

Billy’s words come after Amber included a horrifying photo of Depp’s finger in court papers filed in her domestic abuse case against the actor.

TMZ reports that the incident occurred last March while Depp was in Australia and ‘drunk and high on ecstasy.’

He had been speaking with Heard on the phone while she was filming The Danish Girl in London when they began to fight and he threw the phone at some glass, causing the injury.

That is when he allegedly took his destroyed finger, dipped it in paint and began to write on a mirror.

‘Billy Bob’ is Thornton claims Heard, who had starred in the 2008 film The Informers with the actress and then London Fields, which will be released later this year.

Depp was reportedly accusing Heard of having an affair with the actor during the fight, which occurred in his Australian villa while he was filming the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The photos of the injured finger and writing in the blood and paint mixture have been entered as exhibits in the case.

Kim Kardashian July 2016 Looking Her Best


Kim Kardashian wore a loosely woven cream corset atop her white mini dress when she arrived to her sister Kylie Jenner’s bash at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles.  The dress and corset were teamed with a baggy denim jacket, which was worn loosely off of her shoulders.

This is the best I have seen Kim look in awhile, she looks amazing.  HOTTIE!!!

Lindsay Lohan Back On Track

3641B01C00000578-3689777-Lindsay_Lohan_and_her_rumoured_fiance_Egor_Tarabasov_have_been_m-m-30_1468486055898 3641AD9100000578-3689777-Fun_ahoy_Heading_into_the_glittering_waters_by_the_beach_the_act-a-1_1468488884899

Lindsay Lohan seems so happy right now, really pleased she is getting over all her issues.  Show the love they’ve been enjoying a jet-set lifestyle this summer, taking their romance on tour across the world.

And while Lindsay Lohan and her rumoured fiancé Egor Tarabasov have been making plenty of time for romance, the loved-up couple decided to head to the beach for some fun in the sun.

Only in the celebrity world though can you go though major shit and come out on top in the end.

Stick to Country Music Miley Cyrus


I mean I really don’t get it, do you?    Miley tried making a new persona for herself and it didn’t work. She’d do better if she’d just stick to her country roots and go country music again.  This look doe nothing for her, she looks a mess and Liam is not looking too good either.

True or Fake Love Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston


What do you think about this new love story, for the cameras and publicity or is it real?

Just days ago they were flaunting their affair as they indulged in an epic July 4th celebratory weekend, lots of love for the cameras.  Snapped again as they jetted out from Los Angeles to Australia on Wednesday.

Tom is said to be heading for the Gold Coast, so he can get to work on his latest Marvel superhero movie, Thor: Ragnarok.

Britney Spears Rocking 2016

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So far 2016 is looking great for Britney Spears.  She certainly got back on track and is looking better than ever.

In las vegas Saturday night, the singer strutted her stuff in a skimpy saucy red bra and revealed sparkling underwear underneath her red plastic skirt.

Jakel Daily is a big Britney FAN!!!!

Fergie busty latex bodysuit



Wow Wow and Wow.  Fergie looks amazing for 41 years old.   She took to the stage in a daring latex body suit for her performance at New York City Pride, on Sunday.

Fergie looked sensational in the figure-hugging outfit, which drew attention to her impressive cleavage with a deep plunging neckline. 

Curvy Women Ashley Graham


Ashley Graham the plus size model, 28, showcases her enviable curves in a series of two-pieces, slashkinis and cut-out costumes in the latest pictures by Swimsuitsforall.  

Channelling old fashioned glamour, the Nebraska-born beauty smoulders  as she poses in a vintage speedboat against a backdrop of the sparkling turquoise sea.  

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Split After 15 Months Together

The singer, 26, and the DJ, 32, have broken up, multiple sources confirm exclusively to PEOPLE.

“There was no drama. Things just don’t work out sometimes,” says an insider. “No one cheated.”

Tuesday’s low key sighting was also the first time Calvin had been pictured since he narrowly escaped serious injury in a serious car crash.

Taylor and Calvin got together in March 2015 and had seemed devoted to one another.

However, the I Need Your Love hitmaker, whose real name is Adam Wiles, was the one to break it off with the 1989 singer according to an E! News report from Wednesday.

An insider told the showbiz site: ‘[Calvin] really liked Taylor, she was not the type of girl he ever dates and he liked that. He liked how innocent Taylor was and that she had a good caring heart.

Prince Died of a Self-Administered Fentanyl Overdose

34DC207200000578-3622177-image-a-14_1464887031243 34DC98ED00000578-3622177-Causes_The_only_listed_cause_of_death_on_Prince_s_autopsy_report-a-59_1464893559954

Prince died of a self-administered Fentanyl overdose according to an autopsy report released on Thursday by the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office.

The 57-year-old singer’s death was ruled an accident, and the only listed cause on the medical examiner’s report was ‘Fentanyl toxicity.’

The autopsy report also revealed that the 5ft3in singer weighed just 112lbs at the time of his death, and that he was dressed entirely in black when his unresponsive body was discovered on April 21 inside an elevator at his Paisley Park estate just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Prince’s former drug dealer believed opioids were behind the singer’s death when he spoke exclusively to in April.

He also revealed that the performer would spend up to $40,000 on six-month supplies of two drugs – Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches.