Make Money Review My Blog – Batch 8

Yes, it’s that time again for another short review batch starting today – I just filled batch 7. Seventy Reviews & still going.Ok, really simple I will do a short review exchange with anchor choice for the same in return. 

Do A Review And Make Money

To do a review, all you have to do is link to this blog’s home page with the anchor text “make money” and link to this post showing the rules of the review. Here is an example of what I want:

Ja Kel Daily Dot Com eventually wants to make money and is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

  • GoodMoneyMaker – Naked Ozone a blogger editor from Malaysia and project manager by day has started off three months posting articles such as; good pc info, money advice and excellent travel experiences.
  • Calvin Harvey dot Com – according to him he is the GQ man of the year and former heavy weight champion of the world but not really just on his blogging network block were he gives marketing tips and also the founder of ‘If it Ain’t Free it Ain’t Me Foundation”.
  • Brian Heys Writes – a full time UK IT buisness man by day for the last twenty years and blogger by night. After reading far to many tech blogs decided to start his own blog a few months ago using his prior web tech experiences starting as early as 1996. Not a guru yet but will be soon!
  • TheHotDogTruck– Rob gives you his confessions of being the best hot dog man since October 2004 the moment he decided to purchase a run down “Hot Dog Mobile” in Southbrough, Massachusetts. Since then he has been accomplishing his mission of serving the best hot dogsin Southborough!
  • Lasilasi – a blog about her travels because she is a travel girl.  There are some wonderful photos on her site of many different activities.
  • Life with Google - a blog that posts all about what we can do with Google for our Life and the three basic needs to be successful online; feedburner, del.icio and digg.
  • Carl Ocab dot com – a 13 year old half time student from the Philippines that wants to make money online. Started his site around 4 Feb and blogs about misc. internet tips. He’s a bit on the naughty side but admits it so forgive him.
  • Knoxville Boy – a geeky neighbor from Tennessee just doing his part to help you out while blogging about an assortment of things such as; mac, web junk, and monetize your site. Almost forgot help him out he’s saving for a nice matchbox car.
  • BlogCharm – SG is a blog all about making sure that people do not miss out on important articles such as; tips on making money online, similar site reviews, website promotion, and net programs that SG has joined. So if you’ve missed an article then check this blog out!
  • Shaun Carter Dot Com – a blogger from Holland Michigan and franchise trainer for Ruby juice Fruit & Smoothies since 2004. In 2005 he purchased the controlling share of Homemade Pizza Factory voted #2 best pizza restaurant in Michigan and manages day to day operation of the business. Shaun’s blog is a part time venture that he has started that will document his journey into making money online.

The rules I will do a short review around 30 words with a link to your site with choice of anchor text choice. The batch will be posted starting with the first review and then updated until reaching the 10th review and then a new batch will be created. Then once a month for the next 6 months from February I will post one full review to the holder of the Top Commentators position. So let’s get started once your review is posted send an email my way with the URL and the text you want as an anchor to your page.

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30 thoughts on “Make Money Review My Blog – Batch 8

  1. Joshua Dorkin says:

    I like your idea of a site review exchange. It takes the JohnChow model and brings it forward a step. Good luck to you and the blog. With clever ideas like this one, you’re sure to see increasing success.

  2. Jason Neuman says:

    Thank you and yes that is basically what I wanted to do a speed link type but with a short review that way there are actual reviews and not just links because some companies do not like just speed links.

  3. Singh says:

    ็ำั้ำHey I totally agree with the review exchange mate, I’ll just make a post asap and will let you know once it’s done. Hope your traffic increases.


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