Make Money Review My Blog – Batch 7

Yes, it’s that time again for another short review batch starting today – I just filled batch 6. Ok, really simple I will do a short review exchange with anchor choice for the same in return. 

Do A Review And Make Money

To do a review, all you have to do is link to this blog’s home page with the anchor text “make money” and link to this post showing the rules of the review. Here is an example of what I want:

Ja Kel Daily Dot Com eventually wants to make money and is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

  • TheNewspeclator– Freethinker a 24 Lover, Heroes Addict, fan of the Death Note and most of all, offers lousy political 2 cents blogging topics to include; fun, naughty authority and life.
  • BlogBait– A motivated mechanical engineering student/internet guru wanna-be has started an innovated way of promoting and sharing blog links baits and contests for the common good of the internet world. – and I think his logo is pretty cool.
  • Recruiting-USA -Recruiter web services | Website design & hosting | SEO Services for Recruiters | Technology consulting for search firms | Search engine optimization for recruiting firms.
  • ShowMeMoneyBiz– Vedis Teh a language tutor gathering tips from internet gurus to help her become more than just a net novice to  find as many ways to make money online and start paying off some her debts.
  • BeyondTheRhetoric – Michael Kwan blogs about whatever happens to tickle his fancy that day.
  • Write To Right – Wonka Cade has design a blog that uses the words of the great ones to help simplify methods to help improve your business, sales, relationships and beliefs.
  • MeDotBlogMake Money with me.Blog with blogging tips and tricks to include; SEO, AJAX, JSON, RSS, Monitizing and much more.
  • Glenn Hawkins dot Com – a second year business economics major at UCSB blogging and living by a simple analogy (without dreams there are no goals) he focuses on many things such as Lose Weight & Make Money and misc ramblings on his blog.
  • Iexplor – an internet novice that loves to read and now would like to take that love to blogging secretly wanting to make millions from his experiences through those years of learning about all the net has to offer and if you know of a cool hack let him know.
  • Courtney Tuttle – an experienced SEO man that worked for two years as a prominent figure helping many get ahead online and now has started a blog that he will use as an outlet to share all that he has learned through those experiences and remember be Persistence.

The rules I will do a short review around 30 words with a link to your site with choice of anchor text choice. The batch will be posted starting with the first review and then updated until reaching the 10th review and then a new batch will be created. Then once a month for the next 6 monthsfrom February I will post one full review to the holder of the Top Commentators position. So let’s get started once your review is posted send an email my way with the URL and the text you want as an anchor to your page.

20 thoughts on “Make Money Review My Blog – Batch 7

  1. Glenn Hawkins says:

    I just recieved your comment on my johnchow review. I would love to do a review for you, I send an email your way. I’ll have one done by tonight or by tomorrow depends on how my schedule is. But when I’m finished I’ll email you the link to the review 🙂

  2. digitalnomad says:

    If you want to create relevant links, try a search on “Link and Blog Exchange”.

    I did not want to put the url in this comment. It is kind of like MyBlogLog, but with more purpose.

  3. Jason Neuman says:

    No problem thanks again to all that are commenting (remember the free review to the top commentator for the month) and and exchanging reviews to help me in my quest to reach the top 10,000 on technorati.

    At this rate I think I should make it in only a few more months or so, just checked today and I am already ranked at 31,615!

  4. digitalnomad says:

    Looks like you are on your way. I broke the 100K mark in less than 60 days.

    It looks like it gets harder once you get past this point…lots and lots of traffic and links.

  5. Techified says:

    It seems like every man and his blog is doing this nowadays, but its a great idea and works wonders for keywords your trying to rank for.

  6. digitalnomad says:

    I say use it while you can…when it wears off, there will be something new around the corner.

    Dosh Dosh has written a good series on gaming Technorati “WTF”.

  7. Jason Neuman says:

    The only value it has to me is my Technorati Ratings and RSS readers increase.

    As for the resemblance of our sites as of this comment there are now 39,534 webmaster using this theme that I use including Mr. John Chow himself:

    Does this mean that our sites are similar in every aspect? No, just the same theme if John did not want sites that looks similar then he has plenty of money to buy or have a site designed with copyright.

    Why is he not one reason this theme works and people like the layout that is obvious because 39,534 people are using it as we speak.

    Added note my header is a picture me in a car, my color scheme is different and my link buttons up top are also not the same as his.

    To be honest this question is getting quite boring people asking it over and over again.

    Bottom line the layout Works so why not use a proven theme? That’s my question?

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