Increase Technorati Ratings Free with ViraTags

I joined in last week when Andy Coates emailed me and requested that I post his ViraLink system. I’m very happy to say that his Viralink system has been extremely successful for my Technorati stats Results so far well over 140 links back and going (If you have not copied it to your site do it now Here)!  This weekend I found Jimmy Huen’s of FounderCafe ViraTags system on Affiliate Watcher while browsing through MyblogLog community.

=======Copy and Paste below this line========

1. ) Copy and paste the matrix of “ViralTags” below courtesy of Founders Cafe.

2.) Substitute the Host Tag and one of the “Viral Tags” in the matrix with your anchor text of choice with your blog’s URL. Please keep anchor text to a max of 3 words to keep the matrix size manageable.

3.) When you get a ping back from someone that has your link in one of their “Viral Tags”, practice good karma by copying his/her Host Tag’s anchor text (automatically the associated link will also be copied) and paste it over one of your “Viral Tags” below.

4.) Encourage and invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow virally.

Host Tag: Make Money Blogging

start a blog | Best Affiliate Program | Make Money Blogging | Tech at Hand| Marketing Made Simple | Everything iPod | Website Design Blog| Affiliate Program | Technology Music Life| Russian Jokes | Manila Mom| Foximus | The Broken Bow | Startup Entrepreneur Money| Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery | Malaysian Stocks INC | A Day In The Life | Nakanampucha | Agloco Internet Marketing| paid to blog | Tech Gadgets Stocks| SEO blog | | Anything and Everything | Good Jokes | Webtools | The Third Eye | Earn Money on Internet | Get A Life | Monetize Your Blog | Investing Women Online |  Earn Money Online| Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery | The Review Blog | Snacks | Entrepreneurship Internet Web| EMOI | humab | Revellian | Tech Startups Web2.0| Plugins TV Blogging| Really Funny Jokes| Sexy Celebrity | Internet Marketing German| WCBDigest | Business Blog Web | Celebrity Gossip | Anitokid Chronikos| esofthub’s web finds| Paris and Britney | Make Money Online | Make Money Blog | create a blog | Make Money Online  |Earn Money Online | RideIt Like you StoleIt | yoeru | Make Money Online | Revellian | EZ Profit | Make Money Blog | TeamKyoudo | Chew on That | Bad Girls Diary | Chronic Headache | El Commentario Diario | Social Media Munching | Good Jokes | Social Networking Mother | MSU Spartan Sports | The SOHO Quest | Make Money Online | Caribbean Travel Blog | Jehzlau Concepts | Nonsense & Tears | Time Clock Software | SEO Blog | Anything and Everything | Father of One | Web Comic Artist | Justice Investmets | Terrible Horrible Evil | Russian Jokes Videos | Personal Development Blog | Bisnis-net | Humabpost

Important: Once I get a ping back from you, I will add your anchor text and the associated link you designate as “Host Tag” here, replacing one of the “ViralTags” from the matrix above. As more and more bloggers copy and paste this matrix, the more backlinks you will have with your anchor text. If everybody who copy and paste from your blog does the same, pretty soon this will spread and go viral. So, the sooner you participate, the more links with anchor text you will receive.

====== Copy and Paste from Above this line=====

Ok now just copy the above and if this works any where close to Viralink you will not be unimpressed with the results I assure you!

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116 thoughts on “Increase Technorati Ratings Free with ViraTags

  1. Founders Cafe says:

    Hey digital, you can check the ping backs in your WP-Admin panel or at Technorati.

    Jason I’ve added you to my original list. Thanks and welcome.

  2. Alex Radich says:


    Thank you for your link love for Alex Radich, I appreciate your cooperation again (we traded review for batch links in April or May). I would greatly appreciate if you include my link to your matrix.

    I prefer this one anchor text “Russian Jokes” for or else “Personal Development Blog” for, whatever you like.

    I am happy with Viralink, now my authority went high. You can see my post with link to your site here:

    Alex Radich.

  3. Nihal says:

    Hi there.

    I’ve just joined the Viral Tag Link and your site is listed in my page. Hope you would reciprocate this back. Thanks in advance.

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  5. Yasmin35 says:

    Hello there.

    I’ve joined the Viral Tag and I’ve added your site, could you do the same for me. My Host tag is “Good Jokes”.

    Thank You.

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  7. Iantrepreneur says:

    this type of viral tagging is pointless because it does not boost anything, maybe techonrati if it was on the main page (the main domain) since technorati only scans the main domain. also this will not help with traffic or serp and seo

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  9. digitalnomad says:

    My take on it is that it would potentially also boost your income, since as you and others have noted that advertising is based on Technorati and Alexa rank.

    No matter how you slice it, it does currently boost ranking.

  10. kids development says:

    I think this is one goal most serious bloggers shoot for, at least they should in my opinion… Well, in reality it’s readers and fellow bloggers like you who made it possible for this blog to break into the Technorati ratings…

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