Increase Technorati Rankings – Viralink Opportunity

I received an email 24 May from Andy Coates about a viral linking strategy that he had come up with for increasing Technorati ratings. I’m always open minded about new programs for free backlinks, so here it is just follow the instructions below and start getting your backlinks!

When you’ve finshed copying Andy’s Viral Link below go to  Jimmy Huen’s of FounderCafe ViraTags and copy it too!

———copy and paste the Viralink and instructions below this line———

Below is a matrix of 120 stars, I have already added a link to my blog onto one of the stars, all you need to do is copy and paste the grid into your blog and add your own link to one of the other spare stars, and tell others to do the same!




New Addition: When I receive a ping back once you have added the Viralink to your site I will add your link to this grid, and each person who copies the grid from here will also link to your site!

———copy and paste the Viralink and instructions above this line———


If you want more details and graphs of how this strategy works go check out the post, here.

46 thoughts on “Increase Technorati Rankings – Viralink Opportunity

  1. umesh says:

    I have added viralink on my blog.

    Blogger user does not get email when there is new addition to Viralink
    so they have to keep on updating this viralink diagram by copy paste method every few days.

  2. Jason Neuman says:

    I have not actually counted the amount but if I had to guess I am sure it is equal to your success or more. It’s been great for technorati rankings but since it’s just a * backlink it doesn’t do much for SEO on a targeted word or phrase.

    I am really happy that I promoted it on my site – a great success and thanks to Andy Coates.

  3. James says:

    I have added this to my blog, I am not sure why it has not pinged you back though. Waiting to have mine added. There has allready been 2 people copy it from my blog so you have got 3 links out of it so far just from me putting it on my site. If there was money involved I would say it was a MLM lol!

  4. Life is Colourful says:

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to feature on your viral link code. I appreciate!

    All bloggers are welcome to get featured in my viral link post on my homepage which would be PR4 in next update (predicted by iwebtool).

    Hurry up!

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