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Welcome Comments– Ja Kel Daily Dot Com is still very young only four months old and growing with 152 posts and 958 comments. At present according to the amount of post to comments readers are commenting at a rate of 15%.  I am unsure what would be considered a successful comment to post ratio but I would like to see a rate of at least 30%. So I invite you now to leave a comment negative or positive, it is the only way that my blog will achieve better standards.

Responsive Comments– You can not expect your readers to comment if you are unwilling to respond back to comments that are left. If a reader leaves a comment make sure to respond at least within 24 hours from the time the comment is left.  When responding to your readers’ comments you are adding value to your blog and at the same time you are showing respect for the person taking the time to comment. 

Easy Comments– If you want people to comment do not make it a requirement to register first.  I do not have any research proof behind this but if I had to guess I would say that 98% of the time a person will not leave a comment with this as a requirement to leave comments.  I know that I have never left a comment on a blog that has required registration before leaving the comment.  If you are using registration for the sole purpose of blocking out spam comments then I suggest turning it off now and using achiket spam instead.

Top Comments– Reward your top commentators by acknowledging them with a top commenting section in your side bar and prizes to the top commentator within a specified timeframe when available to give. To install WordPress plugin for Top Commentators download, note unable to get it to work with the sidebar widget.

Ask Questions – This is something that I have not been doing as of yet and that is asking questions of my readers. To start you can include a question in the title or in the first sentence of your post as an effective way of attempting to get a response from readers.

Policy Comments– Set the rules for comments on your blog (comment policy) readers will feel more comfortable commenting. In my opinion a more controlled commenting environment is more attractive to the reader and shows that you run an organized blog.

Start Debates – There is nothing better than starting a debate.  To achieve this post an article that has a controversial side to it and watch as the comments start coming in. 

Be Modest– Yes I am very modest and first to point out that with out Microsoft’s spell check you would be spending most of your time correcting my spelling while reading my blog.  I think that people respond to modesty and are more likely to respond to your articles as apposed to an article that is written in way that is off-putting to the reader.

Be Polite – Last but not least try to always be polite when responding back to your readers.  I know that readers can be harsh at times, making fun of your spelling, grammar, or just your overall article and you are ready to go to war with them in the comment section.  Just admit it if you were wrong or state your opinion in the most polite way that you can deem possible.

27 thoughts on “How To Increase Blog Comments

  1. Spud Oregon says:

    Is it just my eyes or are there really no comments on a post about increasing comments in a blog? Well, let me be the first.

    This is a great post. Although a lot of it is common sense, I think it needed to be said. I particularly like the Ask Questions idea.

    Debates are great but if you have a popular site you’ll get swamped with opposing opinions. Remember when Shoemoney posted about how wonderful George Bush is? It was just a bit of controversial link bait, but he got a tremendous response from people who thought he was serious.

  2. Jason Neuman says:

    Yes Spud in the begining the comments were coming in really slow but it seems now just around 4 weeks later the comments are coming in really nice.

    Yes if I write about it I do most times try to adhere to my own advice if at all possible, just apart of my goal of continuing to grow successful.

  3. Tony says:

    Hi there,

    If you use the register feature, do you still need to monitor and check them or do you just normally leave it.

    Cheers, ToNy!
    “I love sheds

  4. Steve's Tech Blog says:

    When I started my blog, I was afraid of being spam and activated the registration. Guest what? Almost no comments except for a few brave souls who did register.

    Now, I made it easy(thanks to Josh Dorkin) but still require the email like most blog. I just check the moderation and spam but that’s easy.

  5. Greg Stratz says:

    I agree this is a ghreat post. I didn;t put the spam thingy on mine because when I visit one who make you fill in the numbers before you post. It kinda makes me not want to post.

  6. mosh says:

    Thank You for another very interesting article. It’s really good written and I fully agree with You on main issue, btw. I must say that I really enjoyed reading all of Your posts. It’s interesting to read ideas, and observations from someone else’s point of view… it makes you think more. So please try to keep up the great work all the time. Greetings

  7. Runescape says:

    I think giving a topic that has quite a bit of controversial material in it can also be a great way to increase topics.

    Perhaps even opening or starting a debate would surely get it firing.

  8. Russ says:

    Yeah. When you have to go through the effort of registering just to leave a quick comment that is at the tips of your fingers it is sometimes easier just to forget it.

  9. Jason Neuman says:

    My name is Jason and this article was written the 22nd of June 2007. It is not possible to continue commenting on every post that is uploaded to your site. I could turn commenting off on older posts but I decided to leave it on for readers that wanted to comment for other reader input.

    If you have taken the time to go through my posts you would find that I respond at least once in every article I post.

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