Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007

While checking my lastest incoming link activity today I noticed that I made the the first position on the Top Ten (10) Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007. Sustines E. Laplana the first Pinoy Blogger in Southern Leyte has created this list that is actually an entry to a writing project organized by Digital Filipino.  He’s giving away $100 dollars at random to ten entry posts, click here for the rules.

So I’ve decided to enter the contest also and show a fellow blogger some support. Maybe I will even win a $100 for my entry. Show your support and enter this contest!

19 thoughts on “Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007

  1. Janette Toral says:

    Hi Jason. This entry is great. If I’m not mistaken, the rules Mr. Laplana referred to his post were the ones posted in our site. (I assume he was just disseminating it) My apologies for the confusion. We look forward to your entry.

  2. digitalnomad says:

    Thanks for the plug Jason. Onward and upward. Now you have me hooked on Jane Mays blog and Career Ramblings. I see you over at them.

    Hey, just follow the leaders and something is bound to rub off.

  3. Ryan Shamus says:

    Hey Jason!

    Thanks for including me on your list….I really appreciate it!

    I wish you the best of luck, your blog is great and I hope we win some extra cash with our entries!

    Take care…

    Ryan Shamus

  4. Janette Toral says:

    Hi Jason. You just got another nomination for your blog. However, I’m confused as your main home page domain now loads a celebrity gossip page that has blog archives before August 2006. Kindly advise. Thank you.

  5. Jonathan-C. Phillips says:

    Hey Jason! wow i’m really honered to be on your list! 🙂 Thank you very very much! I’m off to check out some of the other blogs in your list, ssome i didn’t know about. Thanx again!

  6. Jason Neuman says:

    Yes Janette found it had to explain that it was my wife blogspot blog and it was only using my cname record from my domain to hide the free adress.

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