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Just a minute of your time to address leaving comments on Ja Kel Daily Dot Com.  I am aware that there are several reasons in which blog readers’ view and use comment sections of perspective blogs. Every blogger has their own set of standards of what is and is not acceptable on their blog, some may allow all comments, others may have language standards and some do not allow signature links etc.  My standards up front; I allow all legitimate comments, signatures with links, express your opinions and do not allow links to pornographic related sites.
Comments– The most important aspect of Ja Kel Daily Dot Com.  You are the customer and are always right in most cases.  Without your comments I do not have an interested audience, so why should I blog in the first place.  Please comment whether you are a first time reader or have been coming here for quite some time.

Spam – I have Akismet spam filter in place which automatically catches the majority of spam and some times it even stops real comments. If by chance one of your comments gets trashed please email me and I will do my best to make sure it does not happen again.  If by chance you are a low life spammer and get through I will eventually see it and delete it. At the time of posting this my blog has received well over 300 spam comments in just around 9 weeks.
Links– When leaving a comment with a link within the post it must have a relevance to that particular article because if it does not then it will be deleted.  Before attempting such an approach as spam linking in a comments section you should step back from the computer and think about it for a minute or two because if you really want to piss a blogger off, this is it.

Signatures– I allow comments with signatures but once again the comment must have relevance to the article that it is posted in.  I not attempting to be rude here but I have no intentions of working my back side off for people that want to abuse blogs just for the sake of getting free links.
It is unfortunate that due to certain circumstances that there is a need for a comment policy.  I would like to think that all people that come to Ja Kel Daily Dot Com are honest and do not have any false spamming intentions in mind but this is not the case, is it.  So I felt I should address these issues from the start that way you know where I stand and I will be reserving the right to block anyones comments which I do not like.

18 thoughts on “Commenting Policy

  1. Jon Lee says:

    I haven’t had any bad experience with spammers thanks to Akismet. I’m constantly surprised at how well it works. What is up with fake rolex watches and purses anyway? Do people actually click on those links??

  2. Jason Neuman says:

    Shiok, I was not referring to people that leave comments such as yourself that are relative and I do not even mind comments daily just for the links backs.

    I was addressing those spammers that leave a comment such as this:
    example: klhalkhgflkjdfj go to Those make up the majority of the 300 spam comments I’ve received.

    The commenting policy to let people know that I welcome comments and what I allow.

  3. Jason Spence says:

    It’s a shame policies like this are needed. I have more comment spam than I do legitimate comments. The legitimate comments are catching up though. 🙂

  4. Inspired says:

    I guess a spam policy like this shows how much popular your site has become.

    The problem is this policy post will be buried in your archives, collecting dust unless you’re making it a sticky.

  5. Jason Neuman says:

    Yes I know that the policy will be buried I did have a tab sit up at the top but I needed room for my new top posts tab so I took it off and re posted as an article I am still think about putting a link to this article some where but do not know what place is best. Any ideas?

  6. Johnny Fuery says:

    I agree with Chee Kui — I used Akismet for almost all of 2006 (before that I had a homegrown captcha hack job in place) and was annoyed by the constant need to login and sort through all of the comment spam. It is far better than nothing, but I’ve now had Spam Karma in place for 3 months and trust the automated judgment system so much I barely glance at the reports.

    As for where to put the comment policy, how about your footer? It’s not like spammers actually READ the sites they nail, anyway… right?

    Nevertheless, I like the codification of your policy. You’ve also clearly spent some time thinking about your UI (even if the main template is amazingly reminiscient of John Chow’s ;-)), which helps a great deal in encouraging return visits.

    Best of luck.

  7. Jason Neuman says:

    Went with your advice and yes you are right no one reads a comment policy anyway but I went ahead and put a link to it in the footer after the copy right, like you suggested. Thanks Johnny

  8. Linda Lee says:

    I found your website when I was searching for the best settings for my own blogs comments. Im still a little confused on the line in WordPress in the general options where is says, “new user default role” and you have to select something. What are you suppose to select?


  9. Pontarae says:

    I appreciate the clarity of your policy. The information about Akismet, Spam Karma and the rest will prove useful in my own blogs.


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