Cocktail Launched At £35,000 A Glass

The World’s most expensive christmas cocktail is being launched today at a notorious, London A-list hang-out.
“Flawless”, at £35,000 for a costly cocktail.. Well this expensive glass include a large measure of Louis XII cognac, half a bottle of Cristal Rose champagne, some brown sugar, angostura bitters and a few flakes of 24-carat edible gold leaf, according to The Guardian.
But the real extravagance is an 11-carat white diamond ring – which can be found at the bottom of the glass. If I was paying that much for a ring I would rather have something made and unique, but hey I don’t have silly money to throw away like these rich people do.
A property developer, who is among the first to order the drink, says it’s a christmas present for his girlfriend.
“I just thought it would be a nice thing to do for her. She has so many other things.”
Asked if he doesn’t have anything better to do with £35,000, he said: “It’s about the same as a holiday, isn’t it?”
Movida is known for it’s extravagance. It claims to be the “world’s biggest supplier of Don Perignon” and boasts sailing “effortlessly into the Top 5 in the world for their sales of Crystal champagne.”
Labour MP Sion Simon said: “It’s like sticking two fingers up at the rest of society.
“You might as well set fire to your money in front of those less well-off.
“It’s a very deliberate way of saying ‘We are not part of the same country as you.'”
Social commentator Peter York agreed: “It is so gauche, so crashingly crass, that everyone else will see the buyers as barely literate, as one step up from a potato.
“It will be one of those things that unite both the middle class and the old rich in a belief that the super-rich come out of some kind of primeval ooze.”