Sophie Michell – Former Young Chef of the Year

Although many TV cooks are female, the ratio of men to women has always been skewed in actual kitchens, behind closed doors. Things, though, are starting to change and on the books at MN2S talent agents is Sophie Michell, one of the brightest new stars in the food game.

Hailing from a line of avid cooks and enthusiastic foodies, Sophie Michell first started cooking with her grandmother at the tender age of just four years old. Starting early obviously did her good, because Sophie was running the services at a local gastropub in Somerset at just 15 and made the decision to pursue a career in the industry.

Training at Butler’s Wharf Chef School, Sophie did work experience at some of the best kitchens in London, including Le Gavroche and Greenhouse, before being awarded the Young Chef of the Year award at 19 by the Craft Guild of Chefs.

She’s gone from strength to strength in the intervening years, becoming the youngest female Executive Chef in the UK at Belgraves, writing several books and appearing on Channel 4’s Cook Yourself Thin.

Her incredible talent has lead to her being snapped up as a private chef for Leonardo DiCaprio and Claudia Schiffer and she’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK. Something tells us this is only the start for this shining star of British gastronomy.

Sophie Michell’s celebrity talent agency

London booking agents MN2S represent Sophie Michell and her energy and creativity make her a brilliant celebrity guest. She’s young, fresh and vibrant and whether you’re looking for a passionate celebrity speaker or a brand ambassador for your foodie product, she could be just who you’re looking for.

Lady GaGa 5th Headline Tour

Lady GaGa is embarking on her fifth headline tour, the Joanne World Tour, which runs until December.

She kicked off her arena shows in style when she took to the stage at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday night.

She did not disappoint with an array of glamorous bodysuits, ranging from a risque sheer number to a more modest black leotard and a red latex one-piece.

Bella Hadid Rocking Paris 2017

She has been wowing the style brigade while walking in some of the most coveted shows during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

And continuing to stun fashion fiends off the catwalk, Bella Hadid, 20, left the Martin Margiella’s AW17 presentation in a striking pyjamas inspired look on Wednesday.

The supermodel’s choice of Glen plaid coords highlighted her leafy frame with ease as she sauntered out of the venue, flashing her taut stomach and cleavage.

Paris Hilton 4th July 2017

Paris Hilton the party queen tweeted a picture of herself holding up an American flag and wore blue high rise shorts and red sunglasses

She captioned the photo with a simple, ‘Happy 4th of July!!’

Polar Polly Helping Polar Bears and Climate Change





OMG how cute are these shirts!!  I am so in love with this brand Polar Polly, they helps polar bears and funds global warming.  The portion that they give back is 10% of net profits to WWF where you can find out more what they do for wildlife.

I just love polar bears so I will be supporting this brand and their cause.  They have more colors of short and long sleeve shirts online check them out  I am going to be getting the berry and mint long sleeve shirt perfect for the fall weather.


Mariah Carey Gets Dumped!


Oh dear greedy Mariah split from her billionaire fiancé James Packer following a dramatic fight in September.

But Mariah Carey was still wearing her $10million engagement ring when she stepped out for dinner at celebrity hotspot Nobu in Malibu on Thursday evening.

The 46-year-old singer showed off the bling as she enjoyed a catch up with friends – including her choreographer and backing dancer Bryan Tanaka, who Packer was allegedly ‘jealous’ of.

Mariah is said to be planning on keeping the love token – and if the latest reports are to be believed, that’s not all she wants.

Curvy Women Ashley Graham


Ashley Graham the plus size model, 28, showcases her enviable curves in a series of two-pieces, slashkinis and cut-out costumes in the latest pictures by Swimsuitsforall.  

Channelling old fashioned glamour, the Nebraska-born beauty smoulders  as she poses in a vintage speedboat against a backdrop of the sparkling turquoise sea.  

Charlotte McKinney Cheap and Nasty


Charlotte McKinney really knows how to pull off the cheap and nasty look.  I mean seriously pretty bad, I know some guys will love it, but only for one reason and most I think would agree she looks cheap.  Out with her boyfriend Stephen Dorff at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening.  Stephen looked a mess, but at least they are matching!

Sorry, you are not Pamela Anderson, stop trying so hard.

Do celebrities deserve privacy?


Why become famous if you want to hide away?

There are millions of young people who dream of nothing else but to become famous, popular and well-known to millions of supporters. Many of them have celebrities for role models and from the time that they are able to think logically they start to imitate those celebrities in their actions, their mannerisms, their way of speaking and in the things which they will purchase. Many of these young people have only one dream and that is to meet with that celebrity in person so that they can tell them how much they adore them and how much they want to be like that role model. Therefore in a way celebrities which is fanatic about their privacy is to some extent very selfish and they actually are providing very little value to the people who has been instrumental in making them famous. I think everyone understands that even celebrities cannot be on a pedestal their entire lives but I do believe in order to provide value to their loyal fans they should at least reinvest something back intheir loyal supporters who has been standing by them through all those years while they have been in the public eye.

Seriously how do you manage popularity?

Many newbie film stars or singers will work 16 or more hours a day in a desperate attempt to make their mark in the entertainment world and everyone knows that a very small percentage of hopefuls ever achieve any real and sustainable success. It is an extremely competitive environment and it takes a special mindset and a very tough mindset and a lot of ambition and sacrifice to emerge as a superstar in the entertainment industry. Therefore it is rather ironic that those who have finally arrived now suddenly have a desperate urge to withdraw from the public eye and to turn themselves into a reclusewho suddenly can no longer stand the attention of all of those millions of supporters. To be blatantly honest that sounds like compromise to me and I simply do not think that this is fair towards the millions of supporters that has been standing by that celebrity over all the years. I do believe that those celebrities have a sacred responsibility to all their loyal supporters and maybe the best way in which to approach this issue is to publicly allocate a certain amount of time which can then be used by that celebrity to interact with their loyal supporters.

The other side of the coin is also true

Every person does have a deeply integrated need to draw aside simply to recuperate and togather their wits. According to Scripture even Jesus separated himself from his loyal supporters occasionally to spend time with his father. I don’t think there’s an issue with that basic need but rather it is the way in which that basic human rights is managed by celebrities. An increasing number of celebrities are now employing extremely tough looking bodyguards and as long as this is only done purely for personal safety then no one should have a problem with that but if those bodyguards is merely employed to keep loyal fans away from their role models then I think that that is quite selfish and even ungrateful after all the support which has been given to that celebrity. I think the key factor here is a healthy balance, I do believe that celebrities deserve some alone time where they do not need to impress anyone but where they can truly and really relax without the need to impress anyone but in the same way this most certainly does not mean that they have a right to treat their loyal supporters badly by complaining when these people approach them in public. You will certainly be able to find more professional writers that are able to express their opinions about this issue at

May be the focus should be on education

I believe that students going to drama school should be educated about this issue and they should learn to expect this kind of adoration on the part of their loyal supporters. They should learn as soon as possible in their professional careers to expect that people will be attracted to them and that there will be a public demand on their lives because in a way they had become public property. I just think that this is one of the sacrifices which people in the entertainment industry will have to make and the same thing will be true for politicians or anyone else who has become a public figure. You cannot work towards becoming a celebrity with all of the trappings associated with it and then suddenly when you have achieved that objective, you suddenly change direction and then expect everyone else to fall in with it, it just seems that there is something wrong with someone who reason in this way. Naturally the public should not have any claim on a celebrity who is at home minding their own business, I think most people is happy to admit that when acelebrity is in the privacy of their own home then no one should bother them there unless they had been officially invited to do so just like any other person that is finding themselves in the privacy of their own family home.

2016 American Country Countdown Awards


Carrie Underwood  was on hand to present an award as well as perform at the award ceremony which also saw her bag the gong for Female Vocalist of the Year.  Looking amazing in all of dress changes, last photo is my favorite outfit of the night.