Are you addicted to Caffeine?

I was reading an article on LA2DAY about caffeine. How many coffee’s do you drink a day? How many red Bull do you drink? Do they keep you awake or wakening you up in the morning? I am one of those people that can have a coffee before I go to bed and still sleep but some people can not. We all know Britney Spears lives at Starbucks and drinks a lot of Red Bulls to the degreee were she is addicted to them.

A recent Consumer Reports test sampled the caffeine content of coffee in a variety of chains. Oh gosh golly gee, guess who won? That would be Starbucks. The caffeinedose on their drip coffee ranged from 300mg right up to a ridiculous 564.4mg per 16oz cup! Since dosages of 300mg or more are know to cause Caffeinism (I only wish I made that term up; more on Caffeinism and Caffeine Addiction in my next article). It’s a small wonder that your local Starbucks is not the murder capital of every suburban metropolis. Read more LA2DAY.

The precise amount of caffeine necessary to produce effects varies from person to person depending on body size and degree of tolerance to caffeine. It takes less than an hour for caffeine to begin affecting the body and a mild dose wears off in three to four hours.

It’s a Celebration, Bitches!!! Happy Thanksgiving

It’s a Celebration, Bitches!!! Happy Thanksgiving

My Thursday reading for LA2DAY is all about Thanksgiving. Yes the day where you stuff your face full of food and goodies. Being British I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving even though my husband is American yes I know I am bad, but I don’t like those types of dinner, also I don’t like Christmas dinner either. I tend not to stuff my face just before Christmas because you always gain a few pounds over that period.

Norman Rockwell has given way to a new breed of feast. Today we have brining, flavor injectors, compound butters, cranberry chutneys; if there is a way to embellish the tradition, we found it, with scrumptious results. For some, tomorrow is all about Jennie-O turkey, Stove Top (to make it fancy, my aunt adds a chopped apple), and the kind of cranberry sauce that retains the ridges of its former tin home. For others, shallots are already caramelizing, acorn squash is roasting and no one remembers where they put the damn chanterelles. I’m not saying either is better, I’m just thrilled that for a few glorious days, people understand how I live every day; solely focused on what I’m about to eat. For those of us who live and die by a farmer’s market schedule, consider The Joy of Cooking our Bible and Martha Stewart our deity, Thanksgiving preparation began long ago. I’ve been fantasizing about what I’ll put in my stuffing for weeks now. It’s like Super Bowl Sunday, High School Graduation, and the Oscars all rolled up into one. In the spirit of the day, I thought the best thing to do was remember what I’m thankful for (Ryan Reynolds in Blade 3, the return of Project Runway, a chicken burrito at Chipotle) and enjoy the company of the people I love.

Gets some good ideas read more of the story here LA2DAY some really interesting reading.

Dating Horror Stories

I was reading an article on LA2DAY – Dating Horror Stories – “No I won’t have sex with you.”

A girl called Nikki talks about her dating horror. She had been in a boring long term relationship decided to get out there and date again. She talks about her first and only date with this guy she met in the day. They arrange to meet in a bar and he wanted her to sit right by him and she declines the offer and sits the opposite side. More than likely if you sit too close the guy’s hand would have wondered. The guy ordered to white Russians without even asking her what she wanted to drink, what a load of crap she doesn’t get a choice. That just tells me the guy is controlling. Then the cheeky guy had to ask for a fiver to pay for the drinks. Would you stay around? No I would have got a taxi and fast. But they leave the bar and the guy asks her if she wanted to go back to his house, do you really think that a couple of white Russians were going to get her drunk. Some guys think they can buy you a couple of drinks and you are all theirs, maybe that was the case 100 years ago. I can’t believe she went to another bar with the guy was she leading him on? If you are not interested in anything about the person don’t waste your time.

This is a comment that I just had to add: –

ah my sweet west coast friend. things are not much better here in nyc.i take you to a blind date. he talks about finances, his finances. he speaks of how women are intimidated by his superior intellect and snark. he pays the bill when i am in the bathroom then during a nightcap at his place (he had roomates i am not dumb) he proceeds to scream at me for looking at his passport on his desk, “HOW DARE YOU GO THROUGH MY PERSONAL DOCUMENTS!”tells me i owe him a bj for my 5 dollar dim sum. as i leave he then chases me down the street to give me his self published book of poetry, to help enlighten me.i think i will pick up some batteries on the way home.

If you want to read more about this story and read more dating horrors please go to Nightlife LA2DAY

Online Pharmacy Store

I have found a really great online pharmacy store that offers some really fantastic discounted products for women’s health, skin care, blood pressure, heartburn, headaches and allergies. This company is US licensed and you get a free prescription with your order.

Also, if any of you have a New Years resolutions and are to quit smoking they offer some very helpful products on the site. They do offer many different types of products some strong if you have severe pain they recommend buy tramadol, but always consult your doctor before purchasing products you are unsure of. They do refer your order to a certified doctor/physician that is fully licensed and highly trained (anything you are unsure of research or enquire first before placing the order). If you decide to place an order you have to wait until it is approved, the physician will write your prescription and your mediation will be shipped promptly. Most of the products you can get in your local drugstore but these are offered to you cheaper and maybe you don’t always get the product in your drugstore you are looking for and this company may have it for you.

They only ship in the US so no international shipping offered. They do not refund or exchange prescription medications due to FDA regulations. All items are shipped by Fedex.

1st Annual Miles For Melanoma – LA2DAY

I would like to introduce LA2DAY to my readers a great site that has many different types of articles completely different to the next. I will be giving you 4 reports on this site. I am starting off with Health & Beauty Category with a very good article on Melanoma bringing awareness to America’s fastest growing cancer.

When reading through this very detailed article which talks about the 1st annual miles for Melanoma the walk in the memory of Amber Lynn Murphy I did not even realize it is the most common cancer in people ages 20 – 29. Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer. What a great article to bring awareness to its readers which is something we don’t all know about or in a way choose to ignore.

At this event they held many activities such as free skin screenings given by UCI Medical Center volunteers, drawings and themed laps. Upon entering the field, guests were invited to decorate a paper luminary in honor of a loved one for a small donation as well as compose a short message that would be read later on during the closing ceremony.
Check the signs:
The first sign of melanoma is often a change in the size, shape, or color of a mole. But melanoma can also appear on the body as a new mole.
In men, melanoma most often shows up:
on the upper body, between the shoulders and hips
on the head and neck
In women, melanoma often develops on the lower legs.
In dark-skinned people, melanoma often appears:
under the fingernails or toenails
on the palms of the hands on the soles of the feet
For more information please visit

Are You Looking For Love

Are you looking for a date or a friendship? I wanted to share with you a dating site that I found, obviously not for me as I am happily married, but I do have many single friends. It is a nice clean and easy layout to use on this site and it is free to sign up. You must be 18 years and over to use this site. Once you are logged on they have many features like you would expect from a dating site. Send an email to someone you have found on the site that you quite fancy and tell them about yourself and if they are interested they will reply to your email.
You can state in your profile what you are looking for in a relationship and what your hobbies and likes are. They have a messaging, with voice and video which is great so you know that the person has not lied about a picture or anything like that. Sometimes that is the worry with online dating that the person is not telling the truth but with a video 24 hours a day you get to see the real person.

To sign up all you have to do is fill out the standard details like your name, date of birth and your email address. After that it takes you to further personal details to fill out which takes around 10 minutes and then upload a picture so people can see who you are. Download the tool bar and always be connected to

With all of these sites you have to pay to send an instant message or email you can pay by credit card or online check or mail and prices listed are listed below: –

1 month for €24.95 EUR
3 months for €49.95 EUR (only €16.65 EUR per month)
6 months for €74.95 EUR (only €12.49 EUR per month)
1 year for €99.95 EUR (only €8.33 EUR per month)

If you want to sign up to one of these site you can not talk to anyone until you pay so if you are not willing to pay then a dating site is not for you. I suggest you do a trail for one month and see if you meet someone or build a friendship then it is well worth the money you spend. Just think you would spend a lot more in a bar drinking.

If you go on the site you will find many success stories from clients that have used this site and there are thousands of them. It is great that people are finding love online and it really does work.

Boy Swims With Gentle Whale

The boy, named Yang Yang aged 4 years old, will ride his playmate bareback to entertain the crowds between the sailing events at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. They first appeared in public together during the country’s National Children’s Day in the summer and proved such a success that it was decided to make them an Olympic attraction. The boy’s parents think he is one of the luckiest in China, but others might disagree, bearing in mind the country’s reputation for pushing young athletes to extremes.
I want to go swimming with dolphins for my 30th birthday in January and that is a major hint to my husband.

Police Seized Gerry McCann Computer

Police have seized a computer used by Gerry McCann in Portugal. And they will apply to a judge to scour his emails and websites he visited after daughter Madeleine disappeared. The swoop was revealed as Gerry and wife Kate admitted for the first time that four-year-old Maddie is “probably” dead. The also had to face shock new allegations from Portuguese cops, who say DNA from a decomposing body has been found in their Renault Scenic hire car.
A police source said evidence was discovered on the UNDERSIDE of the boot’s carpet, indicating a corpse was deliberately hidden. The claim emerged as cops searched a huge reservoir 15 miles from Praia da Luz, where Maddie vanished on May 3. The desktop computer was said to have been “hired” by cardiolo-gist Gerry, 39, and installed in the McCanns’ rented villa. It was seized from a shop in the resort. Homicide specialists want to check for any inconsistencies with information previously given to Portuguese detectives by the McCanns. But they must get permission from a judge as Gerry’s privacy will be invaded.

The PC could contain correspondence with high-profile supporters such as David Beckham, Sir Richard Branson and JK Rowling. Last night a source close to the McCanns’ legal team said cops are “more than welcome” to examine the computer. The source added: “Gerry was loaned a PC by a local shop which he used a few times.

“All that’s on it are a few notes he made and the phone numbers of journalists.”
A friend of the McCanns – now at home in Rothley, Leics – rubbished the body-in-the-boot allegations.

The pal said: “Surely if there was conclusive evidence Kate and Gerry would be under arrest.
“They have nothing to hide and anything that may have been found can be explained.”

The couple’s fear that Maddie may no longer be alive was voiced by their spokesman Clarence Mitchell.
He said: “They are realistic enough to know there is a probability she is dead.
“They have not given up hope she could still be alive and is being looked after somewhere.
“But human nature is that you always fear the worst.” Source The Sun
Further information on the child pornography
A trawl through thousands of child pornography pictures has failed to produce any leads in the search for Madeleine McCann. Portuguese police seized the images in raids on the homes of suspected paedophiles last week. Madeleine’s parents – Gerry and Kate – were said last night to have reacted to the development with mixed emotions “They’re torn between huge relief that she’s not been found in the clutches of a paedophile ring, and dismay that the investigation has hit yet another brick wall,” said a friend.
“They continue to hope and pray that Madeleine will be found safe and well.”
The raids, dubbed Operation Predator, were not formally linked to the Madeleine investigation but officers trawled through thousands of pictures and videos in an attempt to find a link to the four-year-old. Any clues to her whereabouts would have been passed to the detectives leading the search. Child protection officers found hundreds of images of light-haired children on the seized computers, including some whose faces had been digitally distorted to stop them being recognised. Detectives used software to unscramble the children’s faces but said none closely resembled Madeleine who went missing in the Algarve on May 3.
They are understood to have used advanced technology similar to that employed by Interpol last week in the unmasking of a European paedophile who had posted hundreds of images of himself online. The offender, codenamed Vico, had protected his identity by digitally altering his face. He was shown sexually abusing boys in Vietnam and Cambodia. Source Daily Mail

Madeleine’s Body Remote Reservoir

Detectives will scour a ten-mile area around Praia da Luz and a reservoir surrounded by forests as the search for Madeleine McCann gains new intensity this week. In the first large-scale searches for more than three months, Paulo Rebelo, the new head of the investigation, has not ruled out using divers at the 2.5mile wide reservoir. Mr Rebelo has overseen a fresh look at the McCann holiday apartment and has ordered a root-and-branch review of the five-month investigation. The Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias said the new search areas were linked to mobile phone calls made by the McCanns and their friends while they were in the Algarve. It was not clear whether the calls had been traced to the areas, or if police believed they had been discussed by the McCanns during their phone conversations. The area around the reservoir, known as the Barragem da Bravura, or Wilderness Reservoir, is a remote, isolated spot which would not rank highly on a normal family holiday itinerary.
The man-made lake, near the village of Odiaxere, lies near the main road from Lagos to Portimao but is not a tourist attraction. It is surrounded by forests and Mr Rebelo was said to feel it had not been examined properly in May, when up to 300 officers carried out searches for Madeleine. He has ordered his team to pay ‘special attention’ to the reservoir, but they will also search sites around Praia da Luz and neighbouring Burgau for any sign of the child. Portuguese police have faced widespread criticism that they did not search properly for Madeleine in the days and weeks after she disappeared from her parents’ apartment in the Ocean Club complex on May 3. Mr Rebelo has brought in four new officers to boost the investigation, including two murder specialists, and has told them to reconsider every aspect of the case. He has also drafted in two data analysts known as ‘The Cleaners’ because of their forensic approach, who will study every decision made by the previous leaders of the search. Mr Rebelo, Portugal’s second most senior detective, has also made a request via Europol for British police to investigate Kate and Gerry McCanns’ background, including their university days. Friends of the couple said they hoped Mr Rebelo’s meticulous approach would lead to them being eliminated as suspects. A friend said: ‘Any widening of the search area is encouraging and we would welcome that. It does sound as though there is more vigour in that aspect of the inquiry which is good.’ Source Daily Mail

Gerry McCann Not Madeleine’s Father

Police sources say IVF baby Maddie, four, has a different biological dad. They claim it means that if DNA evidence said to have been found in the couple’s hire car is proved to be Maddie’s, it cannot be explained away as being the twins’. But a close family friend said the claim had left Kate and Gerry “horrified and distressed”. The friend said: “Gerry IS the father. And he damn well knew, because of the IVF process, that he was 100 per cent the father.”

Kate and Gerry – both GPs aged 39 – had IVF treatment for Maddie in Leicestershire. They had IVF for two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie in Amsterdam, Holland. The outrageous new allegation came from police sources and were printed in the Portuguese daily 24 Horas. The paper even claims that enquiries at a sperm bank in England had identified the true biological father. It said UK officials visited the sperm bank to verify paternity. The article claimed: “The English found the biological father and concluded he had nothing to do with Maddie’s disappearance.” Source The Sun