Lindsay Lohan Back On Track

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Lindsay Lohan seems so happy right now, really pleased she is getting over all her issues.  Show the love they’ve been enjoying a jet-set lifestyle this summer, taking their romance on tour across the world.

And while Lindsay Lohan and her rumoured fiancé Egor Tarabasov have been making plenty of time for romance, the loved-up couple decided to head to the beach for some fun in the sun.

Only in the celebrity world though can you go though major shit and come out on top in the end.

Lindsay Lohan News

Lindsay Lohan is back in LA after her hardcore partying in New York last week.
It is being widely reported that Lindsay fell way off the wagon while trying to keep up with close friend/girlfriend Samantha Ronson. The two were seen out at clubs nine of the eleven days they were together and on the last night of their partying Lindsay was photographed asleep in the passenger seat of a car. Very reminiscent of the time she was photographed passed out in Samantha’s car after one of her first trips to rehab. Samantha was noticeably absent on her outing with a friend today.

Lindsay Lohan Boozing Again

Lindsay Lohan is back on the booze, according to sources in the US. She has been snapped up in New York collapsing in an alcohol-fuelled stupor at a Hawaiian Tropicc Zone nightclub. She was out with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson and the pair were knocking back cocktails of Grey Goose and Red Bull. She was then bundled into a taxi at 4.15am barely conscious.

Say goodbye to Lindsay Lohan, no more fire crotch.

Lindsay Lohan Braless

Lindsay Lohan shopping in Ventura, California March 24, 2008. By the time Lindsay reaches 30 her boobs are going to be by her waist unless she has a boob job.

Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape

I think every celebrity that video’s themselve having sex is stupid because people are always out for a quick buck. Lindsay Lohan maybe furious about an alleged sex tape starring her and ex-boyfriend Calum Best but who cares it is her fault.
The ‘Mean Girls’ actress went ballistic down the phone to Best, believing he had leaked the tape.
A source, who overheard the rant, said Lindsay was screaming: “I can’t believe you would ever f****** do this to me, I should have listened to everyone.
“I should never have f****** trusted you.”
Apparently it is not Lindsay (lie lie) in the sex tape after all it was some girl and her boyfriend.
Calum Best instantly denied the sex tape reports, but I am sure now this has given him an idea to release the ginger minger.

Lindsay Lohan Bad Actress

Lindsay Lohan has entered the Hollywood record books after her latest film has won a staggering eight Golden Raspberry Awards, campy horror film, I Know Who Killed Me.
Know Who Killed Me, shot around Lohan’s first of three stints in rehab last year, was named Worst Film of the year.
She picked up two wins as Worst Actress for playing two characters who may or may not have been twins.
Her dual roles also got Razzied for a scene in which the two characters appear together, as Worst Screen Couple.
The film was also named Worst Remake or Rip-off, for paying dubious homage to Hostel, Saw and The Patty Duke Show.
YES, I am laughing my head off this girls deserves it,

Lindsay Lohan Got Tangoed

Lindsay Lohan out and about in Beverly Hills on February 11th 2008. As you can see she has put a little too much fake tan on her face and forgot about the rest of her body (especially those legs). She looks like she has been tangoed.

Lindsay Lohan Autobiography Deal

Lindsay Lohan signs deal to release her autobiography. Shehas reportedly been paid $2 million by US publisher Simon Schuster to reveal all about her life and career.
This is a sign when a celebrity needs money and her music and acting career is down the pan, no one wants a piece of The Ginger.

Lindsay Lohan Black Wig

Lindsay Lohan was caught around Santa Monica, California yesterday sporting a new black wig. Is she trying to do a Britney Spears? maybe she needs the publicity. Black hair does not suit the Ginger Minger go back to your roots darling.