Amy Winehouse New Love Alex Haynes

Amy Winehouse is in hot water now because husband Blake is demanding a £3million divorce payout as he rages over being dumped and her cheating with 2 guys. Blake has told his lawyers he wants £250,000 for every month of their year’s marriage, despite being behind bars for part of it.

Blake said “She wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for me.”

A friend said: “At first Blake refused to believe Amy had dumped him, but his initial devastation has been replaced by rage.

“He said Amy owes everything to him — he inspired her music and says he saved her life.

“As a result of Amy his life will never be the same and he wants to make her compensate him.

He has demanded £3million at the very least from her £10million fortune.”

Sources at Pentonville Prison said Fielder-Civil had gone back to his old druggie ways after The Sun revealed Amy had bedded her manager’s assistant Alex Haynes, 22.

Meanwhile Amy’s dad Mitch, 57, gave her new love his blessing yesterday after cutting short a Spanish holiday and flying home.

Mitch spent an hour with Amy and Alex at her mews home in Camden and was relieved to find her back on track after a wild boozy spree last week.

Cher’s Fling with Tom Cruise

Guess who Cher’s young true love was? Tom Cruise. Watch out Katie she wants him back lol. She had a brief relationship with him, 16 years her junior, at the start of his career.
Reflecting on their affair, she said it could have been a “great big romance” if they hadn’t been forced apart by their filming schedules.
They are thought to have met at a White House fund-raising event in the mid- eighties when he was basking in the success of his hit film Risky Business.
Cher, 39 at the time, is said to have been smitten almost immediately with the 23-year-old. While Cruise’s career was very much in its ascendancy, she had by that time been a star for almost two decades.
Cher, 61, told Oprah Winfrey: “I was crazy about him.”

Amy Winehouse Police Caution

If you remember last week I told you that Amy Winehouse was at the police station for questioning about reports that she scuffled with two men during a raucous night out. She received a formal police caution for assault.
The caution means has not been charged, but the incident will remain on the record and could count against her if she is ever charged with a similar offense in future.

Miley Cyrus Photo shoot

In the images, Cyrus appears topless save for a bedsheet. Not so much the image Disney is striving for, one would imagine. As it turns out, Cyrus didn’t imagine the photos looking so provocative either.

Halle Berry Back in Shape

Halle Berry at the Silver Rose Gala in Beverly Hills on Sunday 27th April 2008. She seems to have shed the baby weight and looks amazing in her leopard print dress.

Girls Aloud Millionaire’s Bash

Girls Aloud performed their greatest hits at a millionaire’s lavish 70th birthday party.
Mr Healy hired Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Kimberly Walsh, Nicola Roberts and Nadine Coyle as a surprise for his grandchildren on Saturday night.
The wealthy bachelor reportedly took a shining to Cheryl during the band’s performance and although the singer told the birthday boy she was married, she failed to wear her wedding ring.

Amy Winehouse Sex Romps

News is out Amy Winehosue has had two sex flings since hubby Blake has been inside. The two men she has been sleeping with are Blake II and a photographer unknown.
Amy’s hot night: One said: “You could hear them down the hall. Her thing with Blake II lasted a few weeks. The pair barely left their room.”
The friend said: “It’s funny how she bedded the last two people who have been helping to look after her. Amy is sex-mad — and she gets what she wants.”

A source said yesterday: “In all honesty they think The Sun has done them a favour.
“It was getting harder to keep the affair under wraps.”
Alex’s stepdad Roger Vine, 50, yesterday told of his shock at his home in Aylburton, Gloucs: “I couldn’t imagine him going for a girl like Amy.
“He’s gone out with a few local girls but none of them serious.”
Amy’s mum Janis, 53, said: “She needs a man who can look after her. I am praying Alex is that man.”

Heather Locklear “Flirting with 40”

Pictures Removed.
Heather Locklear on the beaches of Hawaii while filming her new movie “Flirting with 40”. Her body looks fantastic for age 46.
According to an onlooker, “Heather spent all day filming various scenes in and out of the water. At one point she hurt her neck while purposely falling off the surfboard. The aging beauty then changed into a skimpy red bikini for a sunset shoot.”
The movie “Flirting with 40” is about a woman (Heather) who goes on a vacation to Hawaii after a divorce. She takes surfing lessons and falls in love with the instructor – with romance and comedy ensuing.