The Beckhams Get Kinky

The Beckhams went to the Pleasure Chest adult superstore in Hollywood at the weekend to buy themselves lots of sexual goodies.
A source said: “David grabbed a small shopping basket and stocked up on some goods. Victoria was very vocal, cracking jokes constantly.
“They seemed to know exactly what they wanted and after asking an assistant where items were, they grabbed what they came for.”
I personally can’t imagine Victoria being that kinky or naughty and I am suprised with the lack of eating she has the energy for some hardcore sex acts.

New dvb Collection

Photo Credit: Wire Images

Victoria Beckham new dvb collection at a Toronto shop while touring Canada with the rest of the girls.
For the opening of the collection Victoria wore a tweed blazer and tan boots and of course the famous jeans.

Cruz Beckham Breakdancing

A lucky concertgoer

“All the girls had to stop singing because they were laughing so hard…He did a little head stand, then even spun on his head a little.

“They couldn’t get him off the stage when the song was over. It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!!”

David and Victoria Renew Their Vows

David and Victoria Beckham have renewed their marriage vows in a secret ceremony and had matching tattoos as a permanent reminder of the occasion.
David Beckham organised the whole ceremony at Beckingham Palace and only told Victoria on the day. I think the reason he did not tell her is so their were no paps their or magazine coverage.
Some friends and family were at the intimate ceremony in a marked contrast to the lavish nature of their first wedding nine years ago.
One friend said after the ceremony: “We were in tears. It was beautiful and very non-showbiz.”

Victoria Beckhams Saggy Stomach

Victoria Beckhams goes shopping in New York and gives all the New Yorkers an eye full of her saggy loose skin. Pictured above her stomach looks like a women who starves herself. David Beckham wants her to put on weight, I think she needs to listen to her husband, but she obviously thinks she looks great.

Victoria Beckham Saks Fifth Avenue DVB Jeans

Victoria Beckham arriving in Boston yesterday, to promote her new denim line. Victoria was spotted at Saks Fifth Avenue doing press for DVB jeans. Above she is pictured at the press conference at Saks allowing the paps to take snaps of her and her pout. Also allowing pictures with some fans who were waiting outside for her.

Victoria Beckham Naked Cancer T-Shirt

Victoria Beckham gets naked for cancer and these new t-shirts.

Victoria said: “Since we moved to California I have realised how important it is to practise safe sun for myself and to keep my three boys’ skin well protected as well.
“Skin cancer is a huge problem and I really wanted to help raise awareness by taking part in Marc’s initiative.”
The shirts, signed by Posh, will be on sale in Marc’s shops from next week.
As you can see David Beckham is sporting the shirt of his wife naked.