Affiliate – Sell The 40 Blog Network On Your Site

 I was contacted some time back when I first started 120 links from 40 Blogs in 24 Hours offer by another internet guru that wanted to partner with me to make money online of course.  He wanted to mark the offer up to $50.00 and sell it to his readers – really money hungry in my opinion! I decided against his offer since the markup was so extreme and felt that I would be cheating people out of their money for a service they can get for half that amount on my site. 

Today I was thinking why not share this opportunity with my readers and give them the opportunity to offer it on their sites so they can make money online from the blog network with out charging a future for the service!  

To offer this product on your site is really simple just copy below and just change my Paypal button to your own!  If you are unsure of how to setup your own Paypal button in a post you’re in luck because I have already figured it out and posted the info on how to do it here – Insert A Paypal Button In Your Post.

After you have posted your article and inserted a working Paypal button follow theses steps after a sell:

  • 1. Paypal $20 to
  • 2. Email me the article following the rules provided for submission.
  • 3. You’ve just made $5 profit for just emailing an article.
  • 4. More than likely this is more than you’ve made all week with AdSense if you are a new blogger!
  • 5. Good luck on making more money online!

My success is included in the copy section below but if you would like to add your own success then submitt your article to me keep your $5 profit and paypal me $20 and your article following the submission rules.  Then add your success story to your post in 24 hours time. For more success stories check out the comments here!

============Copy Below and Change the Paypal Button==========  

The Rules for Submission:

$25 – an article written by you will be posted on all 40 blogs (maximum of 500 words)

  • a) no more than 3 links per article.
  • b) no porn, no warez, no illegal content.
  • c) no more than 500 words.

1) Send payment to my Paypal account: your email address
2) Paypal not required major credit cards accepted click buy now!
3) Email me the HTML as an attachment for the article(s) meaning included URL(s) and anchor texts in article.
4) I will then verify your payment by matching it to your email.
5) The turnaround time is an estimated 24 hours.

Ja Kel Daily Dot Com site results after article submission:

  • One day submission
  • Technorati Authority: 249 to 289 overnight
  • Technorati Rank: 18,616 to 13,483 overnight
  • Alexa: Yesterday: 61,596 1wk.Avg: 105,471 3 mos Avg: 131,179
  • Backlinks: 120 increase overnight

==============Copy Above Change the Paypal Button============

24 thoughts on “Affiliate – Sell The 40 Blog Network On Your Site

  1. Matt Huggins says:

    Jason, do you have an end date for this opportunity? I’d hate to have readers send me money after you stop offering this opportunity only to have to send them their money back.

  2. Mike Make Money Online says:

    I’m still trying to get my head around this one. It sound very interesting and I think I might give it a bash tonight.

    As with the earlier poster I struggle for traffic at the moment. Oh what I would give for a steady 500 visits per day 🙂

    Keep up the good work..Bookmarked!!!


  3. Make Friends, Earn Money says:

    Nice little earner Jason, thanks for sharing this. I think that people are often more than willing to pay for this simply because time is a precious commodity and one thing you can’t buy is time!!! P.S. Where did you get the idea?

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